We are so happy to have Porchfest right here in Maplewood, but did you know that we aren't alone? Far from it! From Ithaca (where it all started about a decade ago) to Philly, Seattle to Westhaven, Jacksonville to Fredericksburg to Boston (like, a dozen in the Boston area alone!), and lots in between, Porchfests are everywhere!

Maplewood Porchfest was the brainchild of local pianist/vocalist Bill Tally, who went to Jamaica Plain Porchfest in Boston every year. He brought the idea to friends in his hometown, put together a committee of musicians from Maplewood Community Music to run our event, and Maplewood Community Music agreed to be its official presenter. The committee chose the Hilton neighborhood for its perfect layout, easy walkability, and its porches (of course).

The Hilton Neighborhood Association is a key supporter. Connect with us on the Maplewood Community Music Facebook and Hilton Neighborhood Facebook.